KANFON Full Range of Equipment Present in Taichung on 5/28 (Friday)

KANFON Works With KYODEN To Launch The Technical Exchange On May 28

"High-Value Transformation Of The Sheet Metal Industry: Make Good Use Of Intelligent Manufacturing To Enter The High-Precision Supply Chain!"

Exhibition of KANFON Full Range of Equipment Launched in Taizhong on May 28 With the change of the economic environment in Taiwan, the high-value transformation of the sheet metal industry toward intelligent manufacturing has become the only approach for enterprises to enhance their competitiveness. May 28th KANFON and KYODEN explain to you how to make good use of intelligent manufacturing in the sheet metal industry and generate high-value transformation to enter the supply chain for semiconductor equipment, electric vehicles, aerospace, solar energy, and other high-precision industries, streamline production lines, eliminate low-price competition, create product value, and create a bright future for enterprises!

10-year cooperation to present the automated sheet metal processing solution!

KANFON X KYODEN sincerely invite you to attend!

═ Topic of Speech ═

▌ Lecture 1: Analysis of the Intelligent Manufacturing Process of Precision Sheet Metal

From 3D design, high-speed visual aid precision cutting, Fully-electric bending, 3D laser welding to finished products, leverage intelligent manufacturing to streamline production and create value!

▌ Lecture 2: Create Business Opportunities! Presentation of Digital Marketing Approaches From Traditional Communities to Self-Media

Zhou Deyu, Deputy General Manager of the Integrated Communication Department, Foresight Magazine, is invited to share "The Methods and Practices on How Enterprises Use Digital Community Marketing to Create Business Opportunities", leveraging niche points to market themselves and develop business opportunities!

▌ Lecture 3: Launch of MAZAK's New Third-Generation Five-Axis Long Pipe Cutting Machine and Industrial Applications of Semiconductor Equipment

See How MAZAK's New Third-Generation Five-Axis Long Pipe Cutting Machine (FG400/220) creates value for enterprises in semiconductor equipment, racks, and solar support for public works and other industrial applications!

══ Equipment Exhibition ══

▌ Exhibition of KANFON's Full Range of Equipment:

1) Intelligent Automatic Storage System

2) Maglev Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

3) Fully electric µServo bending machine 1300/ 2600 series

4) 3D Robotic Arm Fiber Laser Cutting with Welding Complex System

5) Full Digital Galvo Laser Remote Composite Welding Machine

▌ LASER X Handheld long-pulse fiber laser welding machine

▌ MAZAK OPTIPLEX 3015 Fiber laser processing machine

═ Registration Information ═

Due to limited places, registration is required for the event. We reserve the right to review access prior to participation.

Deadline for registration: 17:00, May 26 (Wed.)

═ Traffic information ═

Taiwan Technical Education Centre

No. 270, Nanyang Rd., Shalu Dist., Taichung City

═ Notes ═

▪ Please check your body temperature before admission. Anyone with a body temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius will be prevented from entering.

▪ Alcohol-based disinfectant is available for use before entry.

▪ As the seats at the lecture site are close to each other, participants must wear a face mask and maintain social distancing from others.

▪ Please contact Miss Huang at the service desk for any queries:02-2659-1808 #232

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