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Fully Electric µServo Bending Machine

Fully Electric µServo Bending Machine with independently developed 3D AI controller ...

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Intelligent Automatic Storage System

Improve not only productivity, but also the safety of the working environment ...

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Fully Digital Galvo Laser Processing Complex Station

Excellent fine graving/drilling/deep engraving/scribing/rust removal ...

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Maglev Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The world's first third Generation Maglev Fiber Laser Cutting Machine ...

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3rd Generation 3D Robotic Arm Fiber Laser Cutting with Welding Complex System Series

Combining the advantages of cutting and welding. By using the same processing ...

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What's New

All Laser Series Honored by the 32nd Taiwan Excellence Award

The latest results of the "Taiwan Excellence Awards," acclaimed as the Oscars of the Taiwanese industry, were announced on October 30th ...

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The KANFON x 13 Anniversary Celebration and Charity Gala have successfully concluded!

We have consistently developed innovative thinking to enhance the value and competitiveness in the sheet metal industry ⋯

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KANFON with KYODEN, The Third-generation Ultra-Precision Maglev Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Launch

KANFON, the expert in 2D/3D sheet metal and pipe processing automation solutions …

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KANFON Has Been Awarded the Prestigious 2023 German iF Design Award for Its Five Flagship Models.

After A Four-Year Absence, The Long-Awaited Largest Machine Tool Exhibition In Taiwan Is Back …

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岡豐公司名二字源起於台灣第一高峰 – 中央山脈,「岡」象徵著山之壯麗, 「豐」則有豐饒之意,兩字結合『岡豐』象徵岡豐企業永續經營發展。岡豐以邁入世界,躋身精密鈑金機械及雷射應用的一流品牌為目標,在技術開發上注以源源不絕的動力。

從台灣開始,遵循符合公平的市場經濟以及自由競爭的法律規範,岡豐所生產的精密伺服折床系列於 2017 年取得 CE 認證,實現了商品在歐盟成員國範圍內自由流通的目標。

KANFON has been highly praised by many customers locally and gloablly. KANFON's products have also been successful in the Asian market. The company has a forward looking vision and courageously embraces challenges. Moreover, the company has the goal of being a world class producer of Taiwanese products and quickly became an important world renowned brand in precision metal equipment.


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