KANFON was founded in Taiwan, an island renowned for its majestic mountains in the Pacific. The company’s name is derived from two Chinese characters: “KAN” refers to strength of a mountain ridge, “FON” refers to lush natural beauty of Taiwan. The company’s brand and product offering represents unparalleled reliability. KANFON has been a world leading brand in ultra-precision sheet metal machinery and laser applications.

KANFON acts in accordance with government regulations which are regarding fair market practices and free competition. Through technical cooperation and exchange, KANFON’s µServo Bending Machine obtained CE certification in 2017. This allowed the product to circulate freely in the EU

KANFON has been highly praised by many customers at locally and globally. KANFON’s products have also been successful in the Asian market. Moreover, the company has the goal of being a world-class total solution provider in ultra-precision sheet metal machinery and laser for automated intelligent manufacturing and quickly became an important world renowned brand in the industry.

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R & D Design Department

Through sharing practical experience and brainstorming communication, we are committed to new product development and technology innovation and combine high-tech 3D graphics technology to design distinctive high-quality products.

Production Technology Department

Machine assembly is controlled strictly. Our duties range from locking each small screw to installing large metal sheet parts. We ensure precision measurement, quality assurance, and 2000 consecutive test run before delivery to customers. Intentions, circumspection, sufferance are our the highest value.

Production Management Department

Insist on high-quality, high-precision, our quality control process from procurement to storage process. Equipment is stored in temperature and humidity-controlled rooms to prevent quality degradation caused by climate and other external factors. We also engage in technical exchanges with suppliers, in order to achieve a win-win situation of supply and demand.

Operations Management Department

We have highly mobile operations to handle and address machine problems promptly. Excellent writing skills enable us to provide clear instructions for customers to easily understand and use our equipment. Additionally, we plan carefully for factory and business management.

Marketing & Strategy Department

We have innovative thinking and positive motivation to adapt diverse business planning such as business strategy, branding, marketing, communications and events.

Financial Management Department

Mainly responsible for accounting, human resource management, salary, purchasing order and other related businesses. There are careful and meticulous job process which help all departments to avoid operation errors.

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