3rd Generation

3D Robotic Arm Fiber Laser Cutting with Welding Complex System Series

Unveiling the new era of laser processing, introducing the world's first fiber laser cutting/welding hybrid machine with a proprietary 11-axis control system for laser cutting and welding.
Designed with a dual-position rotating table with synchronized motion, it significantly increases production efficiency.It has separate functions for cutting, welding, and a combination of cutting and welding.

Combining the advantages of cutting and welding.
By using the same processing head to switch between cutting and welding, there is no need to replace parts, which saves time and effort.
Dual-position rotating table with synchronized motion saves time and space on loading/unloading and changing fixtures.
With its composite processing capability, it offers greater manufacturing flexibility and significantly enhances production efficiency.

Smart control system for 11-axis applications.

Developed a proprietary 11-axis control system for laser cutting and welding,
In addition, it features networked digital production management with expansion capabilities

User-Friendly Interface

User-friendly interface makes it easy to learn and operate, thus improving production efficiency.
The screen provides an overview of the operating status of the entire equipment.

Adopting high-performance fiber lasers.

Enabling high-speed, energy-efficient, and low-carbon manufacturing processes.
Significant reduction in usage and maintenance costs.

Simultaneous double-station rotary platform

Saves time and space on loading/unloading and changing fixtures.
Providing greater manufacturing flexibility and significantly enhancing production efficiency.

Intelligent Path Programming

Automatically generating paths and processing conditions from 3D drawings.
Offline programming eliminates the time-consuming process of teaching.

Revolutionary Cutting And Welding Hybrid Head.

The same processing head can be used for cutting and welding, eliminating the need to change parts.
After welding, cutting can be carried out directly without separate production.

Adopting high-precision laser-specific robotic arms.

The laser-dedicated robotic arm combines speed and precision perfectly.
A dual-workstation five-axis rotary table achieves high-speed and high-precision 3D processing.

Ergonomic design

Reduce operator tired and make work safer and more efficient.
Fully enclosed sheet metal design for safety and dust collection.

Optional 3D laser cutting and processing system

Dedicated to high-speed and precise cutting of 3D shaping and tubing, with a 3D laser cutting and processing system available as an option.
Height control adopts linear W-axis design for quick and stable movement.

Optional 3D laser welding system

Welding specialized with high-speed and high-quality welding capability,
Laser welding system with automatic filler device, wobble welding, and monitoring system.

High-performance fiber laser enables high-speed, energy-efficient manufacturing.

  • Instantly switching laser beams can accelerate production efficiency.
  • No regular maintenance required, no consumables.
  • Better focus of the beam for improved processing quality.
  • 100% local maintenance.

Dual-Station Rotary Table With Synchronous Movement Significantly Shortens Production Time.

  • It can perform material exchange during processing, greatly reducing the time for loading and unloading.
  • Capable of processing products with different shapes and has high processing flexibility.

Intelligent Path Programming

  • Offline programming, eliminating the need for complex manual teaching.
  • Easy to operate and user-friendly interface with multilingual (Chinese, English, Japanese) options.
  • Visualized processing path to avoid collision.
  • Collision detection function - during simulation, collisions are marked in red to ensure safe processing.
  • Automatic fixture generation - automatically simulates and generates fixtures, saving design time.
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Multiple layers of protection ensure maximum safety and security.

  • Automatic sensing safety lock.
  • Laser emission status indicator
  • Outer cover plate.
  • Sensing grating.
  • External monitor.
  • While ensuring safety, you can also monitor the processing status.

High-end industrial robotic arms combine speed and precision perfectly.

  • Utilizing a six-axis multi-joint robotic arm to achieve high-speed, high-precision, and multi-angle 3D processing.
  • Repeatability accuracy (RP): 0.03 mm.
  • Path repeat accuracy: 0.06 mm.

Revolutionary Cutting And Welding Complex Processing Head

  • Revolutionary cutting and welding processing head with the ability to switch between cutting and welding using the same head.
  • Reduce loading/unloading time and space for fixture.
  • Save time and greatly enhances processing flexibility

User-Friendly Interface

  • Equipped with an intelligent operation panel, allowing for real-time monitoring of the machine and production status.
  • By connecting to the internet and integrating with ERP production management systems, it meets the international trends of Industry 4.0, allowing for real-time monitoring and management of production processes.
  • The interface function can be modified and expanded according to customer needs, and it has the function of recording processing parameters, saving time and manpower in repeated data entry.
  • Equipped with an uninterruptible power supply UPS system to protect critical components and equipment safety.
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3D Welding Wobble Dedicated Processing Head (Optional)

  • In response to customers' welding-specific needs.
  • High-speed and high-quality welding capabilities.
  • laser-dedicated automatic filler device and Wobble welding (Optional)
  • The optical design features excellent dust-proof and airtightness properties, providing a long lifespan for the lens.

3D cutting dedicated processing head (optional)

  • Designed to meet customer's demand, this specialized processing head is used for high-speed and precise cutting of 3D molded and irregular shaped pipes.
  • Adopt German optics for quickly response to expansion and contraction during operations, enabling stable pressurization.
  • Equipped with a servo W-axis design for faster and smoother movement.
  • The optical design features excellent dust-proof and airtightness properties, providing a long lifespan for the lens.

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