Te-Feng Huang

Chairman and President

KANFON Solutions: Smart, efficient and award-winning machines!

KANFON’s brand represents pursuit of perfection and takes both traditional craftsmanship and innovative technological design. We develop ultra-precision mechanical equipment, software and controller designs, as well as automated intelligent machinery along with machine upgrades.

We are not simply selling equipment. Our smart and progressive solutions drive growth and offering energy-saving with enhanced productivity, more adaptability, and cost-saving processes through automation, we pave the way for a sustainable and successful future for sheet metal businesses.

The new era of the machining industry

Starting as an operator, I dared to pursue my dreams and believed that I could provide the most competitive equipment to the industry. Our customer service based on technology enhances manufacturing abilities!

As an excellent solutions provider, KANFON offer the most competitive equipment, including Maglev Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, Fully Electric µServo Bending Machine, Intelligent Automatic Storage System, 3D Robotic Arm Fiber Laser Cutting with Welding Complex System, and Fully Digital Galvo Laser Processing Complex Station to meet your manufacturing needs. In result, the production capacity is more than twice increased than before by using KANFON's equipment, even with the same operators. Our off-the-shelf solutions ensure seamless implementation and operation.

Our top engineers with a can-do attitude, backed by extensive manufacturing and exporting experience with a customer-centric approach, providing the care and attention to detail of a small business, along with the professionalism and expertise of a major international machine manufacturer.


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